Monday, April 6, 2020

Welcome to My Studio

Welcome to My Studio
This is my petite art studio, packed with oodles of containers full of art goods, inspiration and magic.  And always, right by my side, is my little muse Tucker.
Let the enchantment begin . . .
we’re ready to create something bewitching!

Creating begins with pencil and paper, and sketching out a design. On my desk I keep my tools in vintage containers of all kinds, creamers, mugs, planters, etc.

Close-up of just a few of my
Hallloween bins full of inspiration. 

After I construct an armature for a piece
I'm ready to get messy: News paper,
papier mache and paper clay, let the fun begin!

To make my trick or treat totes, I do it 
old school style - I start with a balloon, and 
then layers and layers of newspaper and glue.

Sculpting finished on these special order pieces, 
now comes the Gesso primer.

Halloween colors ready to brush on some magic.

After the base coat of a terra cotta color, 
I always paint the faces first: 
Mr. Moon is beaming while he waits for his 
puppy friend, Toby to come to life with color.

Finishing touches on the man in the moon.

Completed art works waiting for their forever homes.

Just me popping in to say thank you
 for coming by My Studio for a visit. 

Stay safe and be well everyone!