Friday, July 31, 2020

"Miss Hazel & Hector's Halloween Hocus~Pocus" ... NOW in my Etsy Shop!

“Miss Hazel & Hector’s Halloween Hocus~Pocus”  

this enchanting witch and her trusty crow are ready to sprinkle some Hocus~Pocus magic on you!

Miss Hazel and Hector are hand sculpted of paper mâché and paper clay, and then hand painted. Miss Hazel holds a magic wand created of polymer clay and wood, with crystal and gold-tone beads. Her hat is decorated with a button sewn onto a little felt piece. Hector the crow wear a ruffle ribbon collar (with a brass bell for decorative purposes only) and holds a black & white cording reigns in his mouth. On his wing, Hector carries Miss Hazel’s “Hocus~Pocus” magic spells in a sealed glass bottle. Miss Hazel and Hector have a little sprinkling of glitter here and there.

“Miss Hazel & Hector’s Halloween Hocus~Pocus” is filled with magic and will be a bewitching addition to your Halloween collection.